Orders generator for agents

An effective way to attract more customers to the collaboration without spending time and money on placing a large number of ads, often fake ads to attract customers. Advertising of agents is shown on pages of detailed display of objects of the real estate at contacts of the owner of the announcement.


The cost of the service "Request Generator" is 100 UAH for 1000 impressions, with the option to choose the appropriate type of real estate, with the ability to change the type of real estate during the paid period.

Period of promotion

The minimum placement for an ad is 1000 impressions. The period of use of 1000 impressions depends on the number of competing ads of other realtors.


Discount depends from the amount of ad and is a subject of personal agreement.


If you sell apartment, rent apartment or offer your property for vacation rentals, if you are real estate professional - just invest some small money for advertisement and it will repaid. Of course you can choose a strategy where you decide not to invest any penny and just publish my property listings for free. But it seems there is a good reason to invest some money into your own success. Especially when sum of investment is less than one visit to supermarket for buy food. At the same time paid ad will bring you much more potencial customers. Just think about it!

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