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from 19 000 uah from 30 sq. m

Zelena-vul, 269, Lviv, Sikhivskiy district

"Bright Lviv"

This residential complex is located in a picturesque place of the city of Lviv, which has a beautiful connection with the city's infrastructure, and the road from the street. The green is already repaired and enriched. The residential complex "Bright Lviv" will have its own generator for continuous power supply for the residents of the house, which will make it impossible to disable the operation of the elevator, even during repair on the line of electricity grids. A beautiful, large and reliable playground will be a decoration of the courtyard, and underneath it is an ergonomically thought-out car park that will add convenience and security to the inhabitants of the house. There are corridors on all floors, on the ground floor there is a room for the mother and the child and the carriage room, and the commercial area for the comfort of apartment owners. We care about each of our clients and build quality, reliable, comfortable home with modern technology!

Apartment in residential complex "Bright Lviv" - is the best choice of modern people who value their time. Large playground, patio, successful and rich infrastructure with parking and underground parking, light, modern lounge, which provides seating areas with decorative elements - is the result of careful design and management plan that will provide comfort and satisfaction of life priorities of each person.

Benefits of residential complex

- - The variety of planning decisions

- - one-level and two-level penthouse with spacious roof terrace

- - Net landscaped area

- - Large playground

- - Underground parking

- - Quiet, high-speed freight and passenger elevators

- - The convenient territorial location, distance from busy roads, the proximity to the park area, convenient territorial interchange, infrastructure developing.

- - bright and airy atrium with seating areas and decor.

- - Architecture: the house of 10, 14 and 16-storey sections modern European facade, energy-saving windows

- - Individual heating -  boiler.

from 13 500 uah from 32 sq. m

Паркова, Parkova, Pustomity, Pustomitivskiy district, Lviv region

Residential complex "Project Park" is located in the heart of Pustomyty. Only 100 steps from the house there is a central park, school, kindergarten and hospital. Residents of the complex can enjoy the benefits of downtown infrastructure every day.

Residential complex "Project Park" is an ideal place for those who appreciate comfort, tranquility and high standard. Who is looking for a place close to nature and at the same time dreams of living directly in the city center.

No need to hurry,
because the nearest stop is in 200 meters, and public transport, unlimited by minibus, in 350 meters from the complex there is a suburban train stop. It takes only 15 minutes to get to Lviv.

Victoria Gardens Shopping Center is just 12 km away.

Residents of the Project Park residential complex are within easy reach of the necessary social infrastructure. In just a few steps you will find a shopping center, many shops, restaurants, a wonderful, just updated, park for walking. 

The location of the complex is a dream for families with children, because right in front of the complex is "School # 1", kindergarten "BABY LAND" and children's school for learning English "Helen Doron". This placement is especially convenient if the family has more than one child, as it makes it easy to take children to educational institutions. 

In 10-15 minutes you will walk from the complex to the garden number 2 "Wreath" and garden number 3. If you get sick, then the Central District Hospital is nearby. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a modern football ground near the house.
Life here is always a vacation. The adjacent to the house territory is equipped with places for rest and a playground. The park outside the window creates a cozy atmosphere and is a great place for family walks and after-hours.

residential complex "Project Park" you can choose the layouts of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that are convenient and comfortable for you, overlooking the Park and the city center.
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Advantages of buying an apartment in a new building in Lviv

Choosing between buying a apartment in a new building and in the secondary market of Lviv, we weigh the pros and cons we find. Often the advantages and disadvantages are not so obvious. If we talk about the benefits of new constructions, these include the prices of apartments in new buildings, often they are lower than in the secondary market, further, this is a new apartment in which nobody lived before, modern apartment layouts, new communications and equipment (electricity, water supply, sewerage, heating, elevators, etc.), the arrangement of the house area, the presence of parking lots. Of course, the advantages of new buildings in Lviv are not limited to this list, developers often offer all kinds of promotions and discounts to attract buyers. And also there are really good projects of new buildings, with beautiful appearance, quality materials, thoughtful layouts, but also the cost apartments in such new buildings will be higher.

Newly Built Apartments - Purchase Risks

Despite the significant advantages of apartments in new buildings, buying an apartment from a developer has its significant disadvantages. In our opinion, the main risks include: legal risks associated with the proper registration of documentation for the land plot, construction documents, contracts between the developer and the buyer, risks associated with the construction process itself, miscalculations in design and construction, delaying the commissioning completion date, problems with connection to networks and others. Also significant disadvantages of new buildings, which often do not pay attention is that most developers sell apartments without finishing and, in fact, after the transfer of the apartment from the developer to the buyer, buyers are forced to finish the house. And that means investing even more sums of money, nerves, life on the construction site because the finishing of apartments in the house will take place for several more years. So, before buying an apartment, carefully weigh the pros and cons, and make a decision.

Lviv real estate will help buy an apartment in a new building

Weighing all the pros and cons when choosing an apartment is not an easy task, which takes time and nerves. So we tried to search for apartments in new buildings of the city Lviv is as simple as possible. To find the right apartment, we have implemented a simple and convenient search for apartments on the map, where you can immediately see the prices of apartments in new buildings throughout Lviv, also at your service a filter is developed to clarify the price of the apartment, the type of offer (from the builder, under construction, put into operation, promotions and discounts), area, room, storeys and more.

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