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On www.real-estate.lviv.ua users published more than 80 000 posts about sale and rent real estate in Lviv and region. Featured listings help you emphasize your property proposal and increase calls from potential customers.


150 uah/month. You can change a top property from your personal listing as you like during this period. For example, one week you can propmote one real estate object and next week another one.

Period of promotion

Min ad period 1 month with possibility to change ad object as many times as you like.


Discount depends from the amount of ad and is a subject of personal agreement.


If you sell apartment, rent apartment or offer your property for vacation rentals, if you are real estate professional - just invest some small money for advertisement and it will repaid. Of course you can choose a strategy where you decide not to invest any penny and just publish my property listings for free. But it seems there is a good reason to invest some money into your own success. Especially when sum of investment is less than one visit to supermarket for buy food. At the same time paid ad will bring you much more potencial customers. Just think about it!

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