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Rental apartments in Lviv

Lviv is a beautiful old town that is visited by more than 2.2 million tourists every year. Therefore, many potential tenants are interested in real estate in Lviv and directly renting an apartment in Lviv. Not only is the city of Lviv an attractive tourist destination, it is also big business and industrial and the Science Center of Ukraine, which has a very strong Information and Computer Technology (IT), Industrial, processing industry. Accordingly, renting apartments in Lviv is a demanded service among employees of different companies. Real estate in Lviv is valuable with developed infrastructure and human potential, so renting an apartment in the city of Lev is quite expensive. Although there are frankly cheap options for apartments. Also in demand apartments near Lviv.

Long term rental apartments in Lviv - prices and options

As we mentioned above, Lviv is a developed business center of the region, so the cost of renting an apartment in Lviv is often quite high. Housing construction is very active in Lviv. The cost of renting apartments in Lviv varies over a very wide range, depending on the location relative to the center of Lviv, the type of house in which the apartment is located, the state - from 5 to 100 thousands hryvnias per month.

Real estate in Lviv will help to rent an apartment

Our site offers the largest database of apartments for rent in Lviv, and to find the right apartment, we have implemented a simple and convenient search for apartments on the map, where you can immediately see the rental prices of apartments all over Lviv, There is also a filter at your disposal that allows you to specify the price of the apartment, the type of building, the area and many other parameters.

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