Package "Developer"

A powerful tool to search for buyers or tenants of apartments or commercial space in your apartment complex, business centers, office centers, logistic center, or shopping center because the package "Developer" focuses on your offer among all others as proposal from the builder or developer, creates a page of your apartment complex or commercial center, which will display a list of links to the proposals in this complex, and most importantly, that your complex will be added to the page proposals on behalf of the developer or builder.


Price of package "Developer" to post ad 1 complex is 3000 UAH per month with the possibility to change one complex to another within advertisement period.

Period of promotion

The minimum term of posting ad for the package "Developer" is 1 month, with the possibility of replacing the complex during the month in unlimited quantities.


The discount is given when placing more than one complex and depends on the number of complexes in package.


If you are a professional of real estate, invest a little money into advertising and you will have a profit. You can certainly choose the strategy that I will not pay anything and just advertise for free, but we think it makes sense to invest a little money in your success, because the cost of advertising per year often less than the cost of one square meter your premises. A number of applications for your objects will increase significantly. Think about this!

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