Malogoloskivska-vul, 12, Lviv, Shevchenkivskiy district
Project by LEV Development
6 homes finished in 6 Condos since 2015 year
14 homes under construction in 8 Condos

Apartments ARTHOUSE park from developer


Malogoloskivska-vul, 12, Lviv, Shevchenkivskiy district


The ARTHOUSE park residential complex is a house whose walls breathe art. This is a business class residential complex with an incredible view of Malogoloskivsky Park. Created for those for whom aesthetics is a part of life, and for those who draw inspiration from a sense of unity with nature. Art is not only a luxury that can be seen in closed exhibition halls. From now on, sculptures, paintings and contemporary art objects are not in the gallery, but in the lobby of your home. And to catch your breath after a day full of information, you do not need to go out of town. You can just leave the house and take a walk in the park in 2 minutes.

Characteristics ARTHOUSE park

  • Complex category: бизнес
  • Property condition: будується
  • Start: 4 квартал 2020 year
  • Finish: 2 квартал 2023 year
  • from 42 602 грн / м2
  • to 0 грн / м2
  • Number of apartments: 161
  • Number of stores:
  • Number of restaurants:
  • Floor size: 0 м2
  • Leasable area: 0 м2
  • Living space: 0 м2
  • Office area: 0 м2
  • Trade area: 0 м2
  • Entertainment area: 0 м2
  • Logistics area: 0 м2
  • Hotel area: 0 м2
  • Floor area: 0 м2
  • Minimum square: 0 м2
  • Maximum square: 0 м2
  • Number of houses: 1
  • Number of sections:
  • Number of floors from: 2
  • Number of floors to: 14
  • Height floor from: 2.7 м
  • Height floor to: 3 м
  • Building shell: monolithic frame
  • Walls: ceramic block
  • Thermal insulation: мінеральна вата 10 см
  • Heat: individual
  • underground parking
  • guest parking
  • Number of parking spaces: 50



  • Developer: LEV Development
  • General contractor: Приватне підприємство "ВІР-ЗАХІДБУД"
  • Design company: Ярема Дмитро Романович
  • Management company/operator:
  • Manager type:
  • Realestate agent:
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