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Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street
Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street
Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street
Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street
Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street

Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street (Zelen')

Nadiyna-vul, Lviv, Sikhivskiy district
Project by ЕКО-ДІМ
30 homes finished in 19 Condos since 2010 year
10 homes under construction in 5 Condos
from 29 500 uah/m2 Learn the exact price На сайт забудовника eko-dim.com

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Nadiyna-vul, Lviv, Sikhivskiy district


Also Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street is been searching as Zelen'

"ECO-DIM on NADIYNA" is a modern residential district of low-rise buildings with its own infrastructure, which was created with the idea of ​​a comfortable life in harmony with nature. Great location - on the one hand Vynnykivsky Natural Forest Park, on the other hand near the street. Zelena (Stary Sykhiv district), one of the main transport "arteries" of Lviv. In the city, but near the forest. The residential complex is not just another "anthill", but a community of like-minded people, good neighbors who have similar values ​​and lifestyles.

The space of the residential complex successfully combines residential buildings of 3 and 5 floors, recreation areas and commercial buildings, which can accommodate a bakery, shop and pharmacy. It is possible to create your own kindergarten.
The area of ​​the complex is quite large - 3.4 hectares. The whole area is under the supervision of a security company 24/7.

Between home areas are safe to move, because traffic is limited. Transport moves exclusively around the complex. There is a separate 2-storey car park near the entrance to the residential complex. You will not be disturbed by car noise and harmful exhausts under the windows of apartments. In the parking lot, your car will be safe, under the roof. Video surveillance will also be installed. There is a station for pumping car and bicycle tires on the territory. And over time, it is possible to arrange electric car refueling.

You can safely let your children walk on the playground without worrying about their safety. Pedestrian and bicycle paths, own football field, playgrounds for children of different ages, areas equipped with sports equipment. Well, for emotional communication with neighbors and relatives - cozy gazebos and barbecue areas. Everything is thought out for a varied and interesting pastime of the residents.

We take care of our "smaller friends", so we have planned special service stations for pets on the territory. Here you can take special hygiene bags, napkins and wash your pet's paws before returning to the apartment. Also, there will be an opportunity to go for a walk in the forest park, where you can get through a specially equipped exit directly from the territory of the residential area to enjoy the peace and quiet of a real forest and breathe fresh air.

Apartment square is from 47 m2. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments of optimal planning are designed. There are apartments with terraces and forest views. Panoramic energy-saving windows will be a kind of screen where you can watch the life of the forest at different times of the year while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

We think that most of the new residents appreciate an active lifestyle, namely cycling. Sometimes you can go on business if you have the time and desire. We plan to install a bicycle rental station on the territory in the future and we hope that you will enjoy it.

Eco-dim on Nadiyna Street is a place where you are with your family, where you work and relax, where you communicate with friends, enjoy nature and life!

Very soon the residential complex Eco-Dim on Nadiyna will live its own life, a lighted road with a pedestrian sidewalk and a bicycle path will be arranged from Zelena Street, a public transport route will begin to run, the air will be filled with happiness and children's laughter. We are looking forward to the birth of a new format living space!

Characteristics Eko-Dim on Nadiyna Street

  • Complex category: комфорт
  • Property condition: under construction
  • Start: 2 квартал 2024 year
  • Finish: 2 квартал 2024 year
  • from 29 500 грн / м2
  • to 0 грн / м2
  • Number of apartments:
  • Number of stores:
  • Number of restaurants:
  • Floor size: 0 м2
  • Leasable area: 0 м2
  • Living space: 0 м2
  • Office area: 0 м2
  • Trade area: 0 м2
  • Entertainment area: 0 м2
  • Logistics area: 0 м2
  • Hotel area: 0 м2
  • Floor area: 0 м2
  • Minimum square: 0 м2
  • Maximum square: 0 м2
  • Number of houses: 9
  • Number of sections:
  • Number of floors from: 3
  • Number of floors to: 5
  • Height floor from: м
  • Height floor to: м
  • Building shell: monolithic frame
  • Walls: brick
  • Thermal insulation:
  • Heat: individual
  • surface parking



  • Developer: ЕКО-ДІМ
  • General contractor:
  • Design company:
  • Management company/operator:
  • Manager type:
  • Realestate agent:
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