Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes in Lviv

Residential complex "Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes" - hundreds of stories can be written in this house, one of which is yours!

Residential complex » Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes

Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes

from 39 300 uah

Pekarska-vul, 30, Lviv, Galickiy district

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Class complex

  • де-люкс


  • from 39 300 грн / м2
  • to 0 грн / м2


  • Start: 19.11.2017
  • Finish: 31.03.2017
  • Property condition: введений в експлуатацію


  • Developer: Будівельна корпорація «Ріел»
  • General contractor:
  • Design company:
  • Management company/operator:
  • Manager type:
  • Realestate agent:



  • Number of apartments: 32
  • Number of stores:
  • Number of restaurants:
  • Gross area: 0 м2
  • Leasable area: 0 м2
  • Living space: 0 м2
  • Office area: 0 м2
  • Trade area: 0 м2
  • Entertainment area: 0 м2
  • Logistics area: 0 м2
  • Hotel area: 0 м2
  • Floor area: 0 м2
  • Minimum square: 38 м2
  • Maximum square: 135 м2
  • Number of houses:
  • Number of sections:
  • Number of floors from: 5
  • Number of floors to: 7
  • Height floor from: м
  • Height floor to: м
  • Building shell: monolithic frame
  • Walls: brick
  • Thermal insulation: мінвата
  • Heating: individual
Who among us in his childhood did not dream of being on the legendary Street of Baker Street? Thousands of riddles and the Sherlock Holmes genius to this day have attracted tourists from all over the world to visit this mysterious place. By the way, on average, every fifth Briton thinks that Sherlock Holmes really existed. Lviv residents can be convinced that it not only exists, but also looks very attractive.

Let's embody the dream of childhood - visit Baker Street!

Residential Complex Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes is located in the center of Lviv. Everything is near here - shops, schools, beauty salons, restaurants, theaters, a large stadium. Therefore, you are immediately comfortable in English. And the residential complex itself from the street is striking with the sophistication of the facade, the successful color scheme, the extraordinary texture. He simultaneously embodies unspeakable beauty and impossibility, calmness and extraordinaryness. The green terrace complements the magnificent image and, as it say, "Here is everything you need."

Apartments of residential complex Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes -  it's, first of all, space. Nothing superfluous - style, beauty and comfort. Here the soul rest and there is an opportunity to get together with thoughts. Here it would be desirable to create.

 Key Features:
Total area of ​​apartments: 2 984,47 sq. m
The area of ​​commercial premises: 315.8 sq. m.
Number of floors: 5-6-7
The number of apartments: 32
Children's playground is spacious, modern
Metal-plastic windows: double-glazed unit energy-saving, multi-chamber profile
Individual heating: double-circuit boiler, steel radiators
Modern silent lift

Our advantages:
Shopping center
Modern lift
Fitness center
Comfortable lodging
Convenient transport interchange

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Будівельна корпорація «Ріел»
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