Residential complex HYGGE 148

Pasichna-vul, 185, Lviv, Sikhivskiy district
Project by LEV Development
4 homes finished in 4 Condos since 2015 year
5 homes under construction in 5 Condos
from 17 800 uah/m2 Learn the exact price На сайт забудовника hygge148.lviv.ua


Pasichna-vul, 185, Lviv, Sikhivskiy district


Hygge is not the design or functionality of the room, but its atmosphere. This is the mood and incredible feeling of home when you return after a hard day's work or a long journey.

HYGGE148 is a new concept of business class living space from LEV Development designed by the Belyaev Architectural Workshop. A house that embodies the lifestyle of northern European countries. Comfort calculated to the smallest detail. Scandinavian values ​​and perfection, which is realized in every detail. A warm blanket and woolen socks, hot tea and a moment when you feel safe, as if you are hiding from the world behind a stone wall. A charming atmosphere of hospitality, night conversations with friends and enjoyment of every day. To ensure the comfort of future residents and safety for children in the residential complex there is no ground parking. And for car owners there is a convenient 2-level parking - there is enough space for everyone!

Sports and recreation in a friendly atmosphere with the family, this is one of the components of a happy life. That is why street exercise machines will be implemented on the territory of HYGGE 148 residential complex to keep adults in shape, and a playground will be created for children.

Relax with friends and family right in the yard of your own home, you do not need to go out of town to enjoy the taste of meat cooked on the fire. Each resident will be able to relax in a specially equipped barbecue area with a platform for cooking a variety of dishes on the outdoor grill.

The complex is designed for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, anthills houses and dream of living in peace and comfort. The project is designed for 6-7 floors, and the general atmosphere will be complemented by a developed infrastructure of the residential complex.

Complex details for Residential complex HYGGE 148

  • Complex category: бизнес
  • Property condition: будується
  • Start: 1 квартал 2019 year
  • Finish: 4 квартал 2020 year
  • from 17 800 грн / м2
  • to 24 300 грн / м2
  • Number of apartments: 120
  • Number of stores:
  • Number of restaurants:
  • Floor size: 0 м2
  • Leasable area: 0 м2
  • Living space: 0 м2
  • Office area: 0 м2
  • Trade area: 0 м2
  • Entertainment area: 0 м2
  • Logistics area: 0 м2
  • Hotel area: 0 м2
  • Floor area: 0 м2
  • Minimum square: 37 м2
  • Maximum square: 82 м2
  • Number of houses: 1
  • Number of sections: 3
  • Number of floors from: 6
  • Number of floors to: 7
  • Height floor from: м
  • Height floor to: м
  • Building shell: monolithic frame
  • Walls: brick
  • Thermal insulation: минвата
  • Heat: individual
  • surface parking
  • underground parking
  • guest parking
  • Number of parking spaces: 98



  • Developer: LEV Development
  • General contractor: ТОВ "Девелопмент-Сіті"
  • Design company: Майстерня Бєляєвих
  • Management company/operator:
  • Manager type:
  • Realestate agent:
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