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Residential complex "Project Park"

from 13 500 uah

Parkova, 4, Pustomity, Pustomitivskiy district

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Class complex

  • комфорт


  • from 13 500 грн / м2
  • to 0 грн / м2


  • Start: 2 квартал 2019 year
  • Finish: 4 квартал 2020 year
  • Property condition: будується


  • Developer: Будівельна Компанія "Місто Комфорту"
  • General contractor:
  • Design company:
  • Management company/operator:
  • Manager type:
  • Realestate agent:



  • Number of apartments: 165
  • Number of stores:
  • Number of restaurants:
  • Floor size: 0 м2
  • Leasable area: 0 м2
  • Living space: 0 м2
  • Office area: 0 м2
  • Trade area: 0 м2
  • Entertainment area: 0 м2
  • Logistics area: 0 м2
  • Hotel area: 0 м2
  • Floor area: 0 м2
  • Minimum square: 32 м2
  • Maximum square: 78 м2
  • Number of houses: 6
  • Number of sections:
  • Number of floors from: 4
  • Number of floors to: 6
  • Height floor from: м
  • Height floor to: м
  • Building shell:
  • Walls: brick
  • Thermal insulation: пінопласт
  • Heat: individual


  • surface parking
Residential complex "Project Park" is located in the heart of Pustomyty. Only 100 steps from the house there is a central park, school, kindergarten and hospital. Residents of the complex can enjoy the benefits of downtown infrastructure every day.

Residential complex "Project Park" is an ideal place for those who appreciate comfort, tranquility and high standard. Who is looking for a place close to nature and at the same time dreams of living directly in the city center.

No need to hurry,
because the nearest stop is in 200 meters, and public transport, unlimited by minibus, in 350 meters from the complex there is a suburban train stop. It takes only 15 minutes to get to Lviv.

Victoria Gardens Shopping Center is just 12 km away.

Residents of the Project Park residential complex are within easy reach of the necessary social infrastructure. In just a few steps you will find a shopping center, many shops, restaurants, a wonderful, just updated, park for walking. 

The location of the complex is a dream for families with children, because right in front of the complex is "School # 1", kindergarten "BABY LAND" and children's school for learning English "Helen Doron". This placement is especially convenient if the family has more than one child, as it makes it easy to take children to educational institutions. 

In 10-15 minutes you will walk from the complex to the garden number 2 "Wreath" and garden number 3. If you get sick, then the Central District Hospital is nearby. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a modern football ground near the house.
Life here is always a vacation. The adjacent to the house territory is equipped with places for rest and a playground. The park outside the window creates a cozy atmosphere and is a great place for family walks and after-hours.

residential complex "Project Park" you can choose the layouts of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that are convenient and comfortable for you, overlooking the Park and the city center.

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